full upload of all activities on March 5, 2018

March 08, 2018 – Jerusalem 1325 Appeal

Women´s Open Air Gathering –  Old Town Wall – Damascus Gate   (150 meters towards Notre Dame)

with   Jerusalem Center for Women –  ALLMEPParents Circle Families Forum Itach Maaki  and  Women Wage Peace

10.00 a.m.

  • Photo shooting for journalists – unveiling of a  huge billboard calling for the full participation of Women at the Peace Tables
  • Round Table of Palestinian & Israeli Women
  • UNSCR 1325 rollups & material

10.15 am

  • Interviews for journalists:
  • UNSCR 1325 and the peace process Israel -Palestine – with  representatives of the organizations and international supporters

11.30 – 13.30

  • For journalists, organizations and invited guests: Lectures on the implementation ofthe 1325 in Israel / Palestine

13.30 – 15.00

  • Workshop of Working Group 1325 – Accord

Actions after 08 March 2018

March –Sept     1325 -Accord

  • Women from Palestine and Israel elaborate proposals for bridging political discrepancies.


21. Sept 2018     Women’s March for Peace

  • International March from Bethlehem to Jerusalem

YOU are part of the process !


Imagine you are sitting at the negotiating table

What is your concrete contribution to a women´s peace agreement?

The classical "male"  issues circle around borders, capital, refugees, disarmament and de-militarization, minorities, security, reparations, infrastructure, economic relations, commodities, finances ....but  peace goes far beyond the regulation of physical goods and agreement on legal foundations.

Peace is a holistic process that is regulated between nations, but must be lived between people.

Therefore, of equal importance are the social components of a peace agreement, the right of all citizens to live in freedom from fear, violence and hardship. An important role will be played by joint activities in culture, education, sport, youth or women's advancement. Future encounters and cooperation must be enabled and promoted. This includes the formation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with thoughtful active listening and communication processes

Likewise, collaboration with leading media becomes important to accompany the removal of enemy images, generalizations, stereotypes.
Of vital importance are joint environmental projects, unhindered access to clean water and the development of healthy agriculture

A 1325 -Accord could set up new institutions like  a Women's Security Council, a Center for Social Entrepreneurship, a Fair Trade Commodity Exchange,  a Forum of Religions and many more sustainable institutions that are creating win-win situations.

On the Global Peace Index 2016, Israel and Palestine ranked 144th and 145th. Among the last of the 163 places ranked Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, the places of power-political, murderous struggles.  Women, the future must be created by people who respect life and take responsibility for the well-being of the next generations.

Don´t worry!  Those who are in power, the businessmen and lawyers,  usually work for the utmost benefit of their side and have less experience in non-violent conflict resolution than a mother of two.

You have no idea how many ideas you have that will improve the quality of life. Come on, be part of the solution and send your friendly, innovative, thoughtful suggestions.