Women of Palestine and Israel demand
negotiations now !
with full participation
of Women






Launch Event:   March 8, 2018   10 am    Damascus Gate   Jerusalem 

Throughout thousands of years​, Wisdom and the Sancity of Life has been suppressed in the race for power, property and ego – feeding. One of the results of centuries-old power games is the conflict between Israel and Palestine, with its countless victims.

But despite the fact that there is ​worldwide an increase ​​in ​vulgarity, racism, nationalism, militancy and religious fanaticism, ​there is  also a growing force of those dedicated,​ reasonable​, emphatic​ and ​​erudite​ people committed to protect the future for the coming generations.

Some  ​outstanding​ women ​ are combining​ social skills ​plus superb expertise on non-violent conflict resolution​ pushing forward​  an initiative to transform the  ​dream ​of peace for Israel and Palestine into​ a​ reality.

On the basis of UN Resolution 1325, a group of 38 women, currently comprising 13 Israeli and Palestinian members and 25 international supporters will call upon its respective governments to convene a public peace conference, in which relevant women’s organizations will be included as negotiating partners.

According to current international law, women shall be included in the process of negotiating peace, prevention of conflict and future peacekeeping measures.

The 1325 Working Group will therefore call for the immediate implementation of this binding UN Security Council resolution.

The aim is to end the dynamic of militancy and antagonism in the present climate, and to implement a vision of peace and humanity.

This initiative, a cross-party working group, will support politicians in Israel and Palestine who have experience and expertise in administrative governance, and also social competencies.

In a participatory process, the 1325 Group will prepare a principal document, which will be published as a Jerusalem Appeal on March 8, 2018.

Specific proposals are also being developed on how cooperation at the cultural, social, economic and political level can be advanced. 

Acitve Democracy

Wisdom of the crowd is often smarter than decsicions of a few. Women from all walks of life can submit their concrete proposals, what -  in their view  -must be anchored in a peace treaty.