We are in the year 2020. 
Two men disclose a secret treaty in Washington that directly affects the lives of 14 million people in Israel and Palestine.
Our motivation
With their “deal”, the authors rave about walls, bridges, tunnels, military, a lot of money and invincible power. A small number of loyal supporters will use all their force to implement this plan. The price paid will be in human lives, fear, international law and the final hope that hypocrisy will be replaced by authenticity. 

Democracy in 2020 does not need back rooms and secrets. It is a vibrant participatory and transparent process with discussion, debate, acknowledgement, insight, compromise and above all – mutual respect.
Real peace can only be achieved when all parties sit at the negotiating table on an equal footing, when trust is built up between people, when we learn to step out of the permanent pressure of competition, and when we finally wish our neighbour the same as we wish ourselves. 

May the gentlemen increase their wealth and satisfy their ego. But we women will no longer be carried away by the myths of enmity. Maybe we don’t know anything about natural gas pipelines, F-16s, cyberspace armaments, nuclear warheads or hedge fund investments. But we do have an idea of what we and future generations will need. 

We belong to the negotiating table.